Volunteer Reset

“I came here looking forward to working shoulder-to-shoulder … but the thing I took away from it is the power of a community trying to work together.” Honduran villagers aren’t the only people IMPACTed on a water trip. Our volunteers get changed for good, too.

“I want to connect so bad,” Jonathan, one of our volunteers from the U.S., said, “so bad that I have to slow down a lot.”

IMPACT volunteers experience a unique spiritual renewal as they work, share, and laugh alongside their Honduran compañeros.


There’s Something in the Water


Thirty years ago, a small group of men from San Antonio, Texas travelled deep inside the Ecuadorian jungle to build a sustainable water system in a remote Huaorani Indian village. This was the group’s stated purpose, but God had a far greater purpose in mind.


Indeed, something special happened as the men toiled amidst the heat and humidity–and it was something that would change their hearts forever. Since then, over 200 men–from students to executives–have experienced the IMPACT effect. Some describe it as hitting the reset button. Or perhaps it’s a spiritual jumpstart? Whatever it is, one thing is clear: There’s something in the water.


Volunteer on one of our upcoming water projects, and experience for yourself the spiritual transformation that God is performing through IMPACT’s work. Click here for a list of opportunities.


The Experience

“The experience brought me out of my shell and brought me closer to God and closer to friends and closer to understanding the world around me. I encourage anybody who is looking to get out of their rut and to get into life… go on an IMPACT project. It will change your perspective and give you a better appreciation for what you have and what’s really meaningful.” – David Parker


“What’s really special is the connections being made and the camaraderie. When these guys meet who they perceive to be rich and educated Americans and we are complimenting their hard work and beautiful families and homes with beautiful views, they are empowered. We all have tears at the end of the week because we really have grown to love each other.” – Al Hassler


“I think we all had a lot of assumptions about what this trip was going to be like. God, in His complete understanding, knew exactly who needed to be on this trip and now we’ve come here, as a company, and brought clean water to over 300 homes.” – Dwayne Hoving