Gospel Planting

“Before knowing the Lord, I was always doing what I wanted to do,” Wilmer told us. What Wilmer wanted wasn’t what God wanted. But then, Wilmer attended a conference with IMPACT.

Rodie Sanchez says he was the black sheep of his family. Shunned by his family, Rodie turned to alcohol and violence. But then a water project turned things around.

The goal is much more than just bringing clean water. It’s also about sharing life, building relationships and ultimately introducing our compañeros to Jesus.

Over the last seven years, our Gospel Planting initiatives have really started to bear fruit. We have been blessed with a group of men who have transformed their marriages, developed a deep hunger for the Gospel and God’s word and they have embraced the responsibility of leadership in their villages. To support these men in their growth, we have begun to return to Honduras 3-5 times a year to spend time with them in more concentrated groups to study and show them how to apply the Word of God to their everyday lives.

We take a three-pronged approach to Gospel Planting. Local leaders go back to the village after the Americans leave and further connect with men we have identified as men of peace. These are men who have studied John during the week. Then our local leaders  organize a Biblical community in which the men of the village study the Bible together. Finally, we host a Gospel Planting conference twice a year. We also host a key man conference and a marriage conference each year.

Men in the village gather with the IMPACT team and water project volunteers

Our Gospel Planting Initiatives


Marriage Conference Key Men Conference Gospel Planting Conference
Annually in the Fall, Couples and Families Annually in Winter, Village Leaders Annually in Spring, Men from All Local Villages